House of Celebii


"A Sticky Situation!"

As the light of Arceus faded and the Banner grew before them; the group of strangers quietly glanced at each other. The ensemble took note of what they could see, and realizing that wasn’t much they moved up the hill for a vantage point. (not before one of them attempted some rock climbing)

Once gathered the group began introductions. Jesse, Wesster, Garfunkle, Cranberry, and Face each took stock of each other. While Wesster seemed reserved, it came from a sense of caution rather than hostility.

When names were learned the party turned its attention towards the sprawling Rolling Woods that lay before them. Upon noting that the road split into a left and right there was a quick agreement on embarking towards the west.

As the group entered the woods, Wesster (who was leading at this point) noticed that upon setting foot on the grass the forest fell silent. Not a bug chirping or bird tweeting. The trainers each quietly moved through the forest, following the road until a large tree containing multiple Kakuna stood before them. Through excellent stealth and a small amount of luck none of the Kakuna were disturbed as the entire group moved past.

Once the tree was passed Jesse noticed a structure in the distance. Upon further trekking the group found themselves standing between two large wooden doors, a Spinirak symbol displayed above them. Garfunkle used the House Banner to knock on the door, being met by a young man in a green cloak. The two exchanged confused looks and the door was shut, but only momentarily as it quickly swung back open. Silkky Sam, the village chief, welcomed the party inside; taking note of the Banner they carried.

Upon entrance to the city the group was quickly guided to the chief’s house that lay in the center of town. The group ate the fruit provided, while Wesster excused himself to poke around town. His poking paid off as he found some village members gambling on “Spinirak Cup”, Wesster relieved that gambling did in fact exist in this world. In a test of the fates the gambler and the merchant bet Pokémon against each other, and Wesster found himself the owner of a very strong Ariados. (who came accompanied with a warning)

With the group complete back at the chiefs house, Silkky Sam began to inquire about the visitors. His skepticism of a Celebii bannering with anyone was strong, but as the group described their circumstance he became more and more intrigued. Deciding to take a risk the old chieftain included the group on their current predicament.

Silkky Sam’s son missing and thelocal Spinirak not producing much silk anymore were becoming more detrimental by the day, the town and Silkky both on a breaking point. While the effects were well known, the village had little information about the causes. All that Silkky could know for certain was that his son set out for the ancient Spinirak breeding nests and was not heard from again. The group decided that they would follow the same path.

After resting for the night the group departed quickly in the morning, making quick time to the spider nests. While keeping their wits about them they slowly entered the clearing of nests, still no bugs in sight. Jesse noticed a reflection of light and strode over to find a beautiful Spinirak pendant laying on the ground. As the necklace was picked up, Jesse found himself removed from the ground in the same way.

A thick rope of web covering him, Jesse was violently pulled up, towards the towering SpinaWraith that had avoided dection till now. With lightning reflexes Wesston caught Jesse with his lasso, though that didn’t help too much as both were imminently outmuscled. Inspired by Wesston several other members ran to pull their teammate back, and with one final pull managed to sever the string shot.

Crossing the clearing to asses the group as a whole the SpinaWrath gave a growl. With a shake of its abdomen blobs of string shot decorated the field, pinning Garfunkle to the House Banner he carried as well as pinning Face where he stood.

Multiple flashes of light lit up the small clearing as Pokémon were released from their balls. Face’s Tyrunt, Garfunkle’s Froakie, and Jesse’s Cyndaquil each appear for their debut fight. Wesston’s Murkrow residing on his shoulder as it had been all day.

Garfunkle and Jesse focused their efforts on the beasts many eyes, hoping to blind it quickly. As Cyndaquil used its back to burn its for, a powerful return strike from the SpinaWrath sent it flying. Jesse leaped to catch his partner, successfully keeping the little fire starter from taking significant damage. Garfunkle with a shout had his frog use bubble, damaging the monster’s eyes further.

Ignoring the eyes Wester commanded his Murkrow to aim for the joints on SpinaWrath’s legs, and with great success the bird weakened its front left appendage.

Not wanting to be left out of the action Face boldly sent his Tyrunt in a charge against the spider. While the dinosaur caused significant damage with it’s strength, it came at a cost as the enemy bit fiercely into the Pokémon. Poison now coursing through it’s body, Tyrunt shifted backwards to recover.

As the scene grew worse and worse by the minute, the grand beast went for a final lunge towards Face. Mere seconds away from Face becoming this primal creature’s lunch, the quietist companion in the group spoke up. But rather than speak to any of her allies, she spoke to the spider.

The group watched with a mix of confusion/horror as the tiny red-headed healer (to them) just stared down the fifty foot beast. What the others didn’t know was that Cranberry was using her Empath powers to soothe the raging monster. As the monster ran to remove the woman’s head it stopped still mere steps away. The entire group held their breath.

Cranberry successfully connecting to this and beast listened to its thoughts; convincing it that it would be best for all if they had assistance in finding the cheif’s missing son. The beast in agreement displayed its sickening pantry, with one of it’s snacks still alive. The beast dissapeared into the woods.

The chief’s son had been found.

Upon returning to the SilkkWebb Village the chief broke down into tears at seeing his son. Carefully they removed the webbing trapping the boy, while the group rested in the chief’s home. A short amount of time had passed and Silkky Sam excitedly through open the doors, behind him his son stood.

The party greeted the returned villager, and the chief as well as his son thanked the House of Celebii profusely. With their merit proved, the chief declared that the Banner of Spinirak would now be under their new heroes. In addition the chief’s son, Spinarak-Man, promised his support when his strength returned.

With the promise of incredible silkk come the morning, the group drifted off to sleep. Preparing to take the second step of their journey.



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